SPOKANE, WA – At a September 26 meeting of the Downtown Spokane Partnership, the DSP Board of Directors unanimously endorsed passage of the upcoming Spokane Library and Spokane Public Schools bond measures.

The bonds – presented in parallel – demonstrate an exceptional level of collaboration among government agencies, and prudent investment in the community’s future. “Both of these measures are critical to the intellectual infrastructure of Spokane, and our Board wholeheartedly supports the long-term vision of the Library and School District.” says DSP President, Mark Richard.

The board also endorsed support for the advisory vote on the location of Joel Albi stadium to favor a downtown relocation. “With the downtown stadium, the community is presented with an opportunity to build a multi-use, multi-sport facility that would be a destination for not only football fans, but soccer, rugby, track and field, and even outdoor concerts,” says Richard. The stadium, located adjacent to the Sportplex currently in planning, could be a catalytic step forward in branding Spokane as a destination for sporting events. With several properties already under development on the North Bank of the Spokane River, a stadium would benefit greatly from use by the revitalized neighborhood.

“We applaud the elected officials, staff, and board members involved in bringing about this opportunity,” says Richard, “We urge voters to support the Library and School Bond measures this November, and to select option B in support the stadium’s location downtown.”

About Downtown Spokane

The DSP is a private, non-profit membership organization that serves as Spokane’s central city advocate and service provider, dedicated to enhancing the quality and vitality of Downtown Spokane as the basis for a healthy region. The DSP accomplishes its mission through advocating for public policies, business and project development, quality planning, physical improvement projects, public safety, beautification, and marketing programs that ensure downtown’s continued success. To learn more, visit www.downtownspokane.org.