Local hockey fans have a lot to cheer about this season, and not just because the Chiefs and Kraken are underway! With the recent opening of Lord Stanley’s, Spokane’s premier hockey bar, now they have a place that’s just for them to watch the big game – with sound!

“People are loving it,” said Lord Stanley’s co-owner Eowen Rosentrater. “Everywhere you go it seems like football or some other sport is paramount, so they’re excited to have a place to watch hockey with sound, where it’s not on a side TV.”

Located at 108 N. Washington Street in downtown Spokane, Lord Stanley’s, aptly named after the founder of the Stanley Cup, boasts a huge 165-inch projector screen for watching hockey with sound, plus 15 additional TVs so you never have to miss a moment of action.

The inside of this new bar is like an “Easter Egg Hunt” for hockey fans, with fun “treasures” to discover throughout, from framed hockey jerseys to small memorabilia items.

One feature that’s hard to miss is the incredible hand-built bar with over 800 hockey pucks encased in it, and fans of all ages are obsessed with the “1980 Miracle on Ice” bubble hockey table.

When Rosentrater and her business partner/fellow hockey enthusiast Jesse Koester came up with the idea to open a hockey-themed sports bar in the vacant space in the American Legion Building, they knew there was a need for something like this in Spokane. Still, they weren’t sure what to expect, especially opening during a pandemic.

So far, they’ve been pleasantly surprised.

“We didn’t realize how big of a hockey community Spokane had, but we’re quickly learning,” said Rosentrater.

The atmosphere inside Lord Stanley’s is especially vibrant when the Seattle Kraken play, as strangers become fast friends rooting for their new favorite team.

As part of the exclusive Seattle Kraken Anchor Alliance, Lord Stanley’s will be giving away Kraken prizes during games. They also offer a “Celly shot,” where any time the Kraken score a goal, the shot is just $3.

As any self-respecting hockey fan knows, you can’t watch the game on an empty stomach. Fortunately, Lord Stanley’s is serving up lots of delicious eats.

Popular menu items include poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curds) and their barbeque brisket, Reuben, and hummus flatbreads. Nordic Smoke BBQ, featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” makes all of their mouthwatering brisket and pulled pork.

Their drink menu includes custom cocktails, hockey-themed “puck shots,” and shot skis served on – what else – a hockey stick!

When there’s a hockey game on, it will always take center ice, er, stage, on the big projector screen, but otherwise, they’ll show other sports games.

Since opening their doors in early September, the owners of Lord Stanley’s have been blown away by the support of their customers, as well as the downtown community itself.

“It’s very collaborative,” Rosentrater said. “We go back and forth to each other’s restaurants and bars and enjoy each other’s food and company. It’s just a blast.”

Lord Stanley’s is open daily 11 a.m. to midnight or later (kids are welcome until 9 p.m.). They do open for the early morning football games on Sundays and will soon be offering weekend brunch.