Local Restaurants Helping Local Heroes

Goodwin Group Properties raises over $15,000 and counting to staff kitchens and provide meals to medical staff and first responders

As efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 caused many restaurants to furlough or lay-off employees, medical staff and first responders became busier than ever. Jordan Tampien— part-owner of Goodwin Group Properties—and his associates were inspired to help those effected in both industries at the same time.

Goodwin Group Properties includes Brick West Brewing Company, The Backyard Public House, Remedy Kitchen & Tavern and Barnwood Social. Tampien and his team launched a GoFundMe called “Help a Restaurant, Help a Hero,” that aims to get their staff back to work in kitchens, and provide meals to medical professionals and other first responders.

Funds raised pay kitchen workers who prepare meals that are then donated to nurses, doctors, firefighters, and other hard-working, essential employees working the front line.

Tampien acknowledges that small business is not the only industry being affected by the pandemic. “These medical professionals and first responders don’t always get a lot of notoriety for what they do,” says Tampien. “While this fundraiser allows for us to keep our doors open, it also gives these local heroes the recognition they deserve.”

Beginning in late March, the campaign set an initial goal of $10,000, which would allow the restaurants to provide 100 meals a day for 10 days. To the surprise of everyone involved, the Spokane community rallied around the cause and has raised over $15,000 to date, contributing over 1,200 meals so far. “We’re thrilled by the response of the community,” says Tampien. “The medical staff and first responders receiving the meals are ecstatic. They’re so appreciative of what we’re doing for them.”

In light of its success, the goal of the fundraiser has been raised to $20,000 in hopes of ultimately preparing and delivering a total of 2,000 meals to Spokane’s local heroes. Goodwin Group says they plan to continue the campaign for as long as they are able, noting their efforts to give back to the community may change depending on how long the COVID-19 situation persists.

Once the “shelter in place” order is lifted and restaurants and other businesses are able to resume their normal operations, Tampien says he expects to see a swell of commitment to local businesses that were impacted by closures. “Spokane is resilient, and I just hope people continue to think about their community. Hope is in the middle of the chaos, and this too shall pass.”

To make a donation to the “Help a Restaurant, Help a Hero” campaign, visit the GoFundMe page here.

Photo courtesy Brick West Brewing Co.