Photo credit: The Inlander

“This is just what Spokane needs!”

For Roisheen Leinen, owner of Pink Fern Collective, a newly opened clothing boutique in the West End of downtown, this customer feedback is music to her ears.

Pink Fern Collective offers on-trend, comfortable, fun clothing that appeals to customers across all generations.

“My philosophy is I want people to look good in what they’ve purchased from my store, feel good when they leave the store, and we don’t have to break the bank to achieve that,” Roisheen said.

A stay-at-home mom for twenty years, Roisheen had always dreamed of opening her own clothing store, but living in the Bay Area, it was impossible because of the sky-high rents.

As fate would have it, one day Roisheen read an article about Spokane. Intrigued by the food scene and Riverfront Park, she took a quick flight to check things out…and decided she never wanted to leave!

“I love Spokane. It’s my new favorite place on the planet,” Roisheen shared.

What stands out the most to her is how friendly everyone is, from her neighbors to the people working in grocery stores and restaurants.

“It’s insane all the good things I’ve seen happen here,” Roisheen said. “It’s a totally different culture than the Bay Area. Everyone’s miserable because they’re stretched to the limit. Coming to a place where everybody’s nice is just so refreshing.”

Initially, Roisheen started Pink Fern Collective during COVID as an online store only, but she kept thinking it would do well as a brick and mortar. When she discovered the space in the Hotel Indigo building at 1107 W. 1st Avenue, she fell in love. It had the right square footage, the right lease rate, and tremendous walkability appeal.

Pink Fern Collective is on a very popular path down 1st Avenue, as hotel guests walk from one destination to another. With Echo and Fringe & Fray, downtown’s consignment boutiques, on that same path, it’s a lovely stroll for shoppers. In the true spirit of downtown business collaboration, Roisheen will send shoppers to the consignment boutiques (“10 out of 10 and at the top of their games!”) and vice versa.

When she hears negative comments about the west end of downtown, Roisheen said it’s usually from people who have been in Spokane for 30 or 40 years and associate the area as chain link and rundown, like it was three years ago. They simply don’t realize how vibrant and fast-growing it is now.

“It’s a fabulous community. I just feel like I lucked out,” Roisheen said.

Not sure what to expect, Roisheen was shocked at how swamped they were in their opening two days, and within three weeks, she had already sold out of items. She’s also excited to see so many repeat customers.

“The feedback I’ve received is that everyone is so ready for this,” Roisheen said. “They’re so ready to shop again and wear cute clothes, and get out and be normal again. So I’ve received very positive response.”

You can stop by, say hi and shop Pink Fern Collective Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Or shop any time online at