The Downtown Spokane Partnership (“DSP”) has initiated a Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) process to identify a qualified and licensed Employee Healthcare Benefits Provider (“Contractor”) to provide employee healthcare coverage administration, consulting and advising services. The purpose of this process is to determine the contractor that can best provide a holistic approach to DSP’s overall company strategy, budgets, benefit plan design and HR strategy. DSP will select a DSP member as the Contractor to evaluate and manage its employee benefits program for a term of three (3) years, benefit coverage years 2024-2026.

  • RFQ Issued: October 6, 2023
  • Deadline for responses: October 20, 2023
  • Award/Notification: October 24, 2023


DSP serves as the leading advocate for the creation of a dynamic, safe, vital, livable and sustainable Downtown as the basis of an economically healthy region. As a member-based, not-for-profit 501c6 organization representing a variety of business sectors including real estate, banking/finance, law, transportation, insurance, communications, energy, and tourism, DSP focuses on creating a vibrant urban core for the second largest city in the State of Washington.

A large part of this work includes management of Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) programs that provide special benefits and improvements. These programs aid in economic development, neighborhood revitalization and enhanced municipal services to properties and tenants located within the 80+ blocks of the BID (see map). The City of Spokane collects BID assessments annually from downtown property owners and business tenants located in the BID and, in accordance with Washington state law, contracts with DSP to manage and administer specified services funded by these assessments exclusively within the BID. For more information about the DSP, visit

The DSP is governed by a board of directors (“Board”) with the President & CEO empowered to execute contracts aligned with budget allocations. DSP employs an average of 20-25 full-time and 2-3 part time employees at any time. Currently, 15 employees are enrolled in company-sponsored medical and vision coverage under Premera Heritage Signature Network, 12 employees are currently enrolled in company-sponsored dental coverage through Delta Dental’s PPO Enhanced Plan, and 17 are currently enrolled in company-sponsored long-term insurance and life insurance plans through Unum.

Scope of Services

DSP seeks a respondent with a deep understanding of employee benefits, insurance markets, regulatory requirements, HR strategy and customer service to evaluate insurance offerings best aligned with company and employee coverage needs. The selected Contractor should be prepared to support selection of insurance coverage with consideration of budget limitations, oversee successful employee enrollment and services, review and ensure compliance, assist in building and maintaining streamlined and high-quality HR processes, and recommend programs to support and enhance employee wellness. The Contractor may also provide supplemental insurance policies to the employees that could include but not be limited to: ADD, Accident Insurance, Long & Short-Term Disability, Cancer Insurance and term Life Insurance.

Minimum Contractor Requirements

The Contractor must observe and comply with all applicable laws, resolutions, codes, and regulations of government agencies, including all federal, state, municipal, and local governing bodies having jurisdiction over the scope of services. DSP will accept and evaluate responses only from Contractors with proper licensing and adequate E&O coverage.

In rendering services, the Contractor shall be acting as an independent contractor, not as an employee or agent of the DSP. As an independent contractor, neither the Contractor nor the DSP shall have authority, express or implied, to commit or obligate the other in any manner whatsoever, except as specifically authorized in writing by the authorized representative of Contractor or the DSP, as the case may be, which authorization may be general or specific. The Contractor may, at the Contractor’s own expense, use employees or subcontractors as the Contractor deems necessary to perform the services required. The Contractor shall not use employees or subcontractors less than 18 years of age on work performed for the DSP.

Additionally, the selected Contractor must be a member of the DSP.

Submission Requirements

Interested contractors should provide requested information in PDF format. Responses should be emailed to no later than 5 p.m. (PT) on Friday, October 20, 2023.

False, incomplete, or unresponsive statements in connection with a respondent’s information may be sufficient cause for its rejection by DSP. The DSP reserves the right to request additional information from any respondent to this RFQ. The content of all responses will be kept confidential throughout the selection process and afterward. Copies of any response will not be shared with other respondents.

DSP shall not be responsible for proposal preparation costs, nor for the cost, including attorney fees associated with any administrative, judicial or other type of challenge to the determination of the selected proposer and/or award of the contract and/or rejection of response. By submitting a response, each respondent agrees to be bound in the respect and waives all claims to such costs and fees.

Submit all questions to:
Downtown Spokane Partnership
ATTN: Benefits RFQ
10 N. Post Street, #400
Spokane, WA 99201 — 509.456.

Response Guidelines

Complete responses to the RFQ should address:

1. Firm History & Experience

  • Provide a brief history of your firm including size, volume of business, locations, number of years in business and business philosophy.
  • Describe the visibility and influence of your firm in the employee benefits field.

2. Account Team Qualifications

  • Provide an overview of the account team that would be assigned to the DSP account. For each member of the team, provide highlights outlining qualifications and experience. Provide a summary of roles and distribution of responsibilities.

3. Client Experience

  • Describe at least two innovative strategic solutions you have implemented for clients similar to DSP that highlight your benefits consulting expertise.
  • Provide contact names and phone numbers of 2 references.

4. Services

  • Provide an overview of your account support and administration services, including enrollment coordination and ongoing support for DSP employees.
  • Describe your capabilities in ongoing plan performance monitoring, plan performance forecasting, claims experience analysis, benchmarking, and reporting.
  • Describe your capabilities in employee communications.
  • Describe your consulting and educational services in legal compliance.
  • Describe your use of technology to support online employee services and education.
  • Describe any additional service options that may be of interest to DSP.

5. Compensation

  • Describe how you expect to be compensated for the services outlined in this proposal.