The Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP) is seeking the services of a professional wayfinding consultant for implementation of an existing wayfinding program for downtown Spokane and the adjacent University District (see Figure 1 for Boundary Map). This project is the result of a collaborative effort between the DSP, Visit Spokane, the University District, the Public Facilities District, the Spokane Transit Authority, and the City of Spokane’s Parking Advisory Committee.

The selected consultant will demonstrate the ability to respond to an existing wayfinding program by developing a specific type, size and location program within a specified boundary area; by applying current research and technologies to final developed plan; by documenting and coordinating existing signage conditions in specified area in regard to wayfinding implementation and minimization of signage clutter overall; and by documenting all needed plans and information required for permitting through the of City of Spokane.;

The selected consultant will have the skills, resources, and commitment necessary to participate in an inclusive planning and implementation process incorporating a number of community stakeholder agencies and