Salad lovers, it’s time to get excited!

Spokane Salad & Delivery is now open in the skywalk in downtown Spokane, on the corner of Riverside and Stevens.

Take your pick from 11 mouthwatering salads with both gluten-free and vegan options, prepared fresh right in front of you. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can snag a grab-and-go salad from their cooler (don’t forget a cold drink!) or even order for pick-up through Uber Eats or DoorDash.

The 460-square-foot space, formerly occupied by High Tide Lobster Bar, is the first storefront location for owners Chris Allred and Noah Botnick, who purchased the business in April 2021 from one of their clients at ScannedMedia Creative Marketing, which they also own.

“One of the things that attracted us to the business was the simplicity. Literally all we do is make salads,” said Allred.

Up until now, it’s been entirely web-based, with customers pre-ordering salads on their website for free, next-day delivery. (Same-day delivery is offered via Uber Eats or DoorDash.) They’ll continue to use their big commercial prep kitchen on Monroe for delivery orders.

For anyone who’s ever ordered from Spokane Salad & Delivery, they know: these are no ordinary salads.

It starts with the quality of the ingredients.

Though many would say they’re crazy for taking the time to do it, they go out and hand-pick all of their produce versus having it delivered.

People are also shocked at the size of their salads, with the classic-size weighing in at 60 ounces. You can also order a 48-ounce size, which is typically a large size at other places.

Allred explained that much of their customer base isn’t the stereotypical salad crowd.

“I’m a bigger guy and one of my favorite things to hear is that guys love our salads,” he said.

Their “regulars” include the sales teams at several car, RV and heavy-duty truck dealerships in Spokane. Rather than burgers and fries, these guys want salads!

“We have a really high retention rate,” Allred shared. “People always come back for more.”

Allred’s wife, who’s heavily invested in the company, along with her sister (the primary manager of Spokane Salad & Delivery) are both vegan, a side of the business that’s quickly growing.

“We love vegans,” said Allred. “And the great thing about vegans is if you can make a good product for them, they’re super loyal.”

While there are lots of places that offer gluten-free and vegan food, what makes Spokane Salad unique is they’re not simply cutting out ingredients.

For example, if you order a vegan salad, they don’t just take the cheese off; they put vegan cheese in. If you order a gluten-free Caesar salad, instead of no croutons, you’ll get gluten-free croutons.

Not sure what to try first? Lettuce suggest (sorry) their bestselling Southwest Cobb, featuring Romaine, taco-seasoned chicken, sliced hard-boiled egg, corn, black beans, Monterey Jack cheese, grape tomatoes, fresh avocado, lime wedge, cilantro, corn tortilla strips, and a side of ranch dressing. (Vegan option available too.)

All packaging and utensils are compostable and earth-friendly, whether you order online for delivery or visit the storefront.

Allred and Botnick have big dreams for the future. Over the next 18 months to two years, they plan to open two additional storefront locations in Spokane.

For now, they’re just thrilled to be able to serve all the people who live, work and shop downtown.

“The feedback and support we got just from announcing we’re going to open this place has been incredible,” Allred said. “We’re excited to offer a healthy product downtown, that’s not only good for you but also extremely delicious and filling.”

For more on Spokane Salad & Delivery, visit their website here.