When you’re looking for noteworthy gifts as well as unique Christmas or seasonal cards, Paper Nerd inside River Park Square is a one-stop shop. This specialist retailer features a wide assortment of designer stationery, plus craft paper, journals, notebooks and puzzles. You can even pick up festive decorations for your holiday party.

But what if you’re still not sure what kind of gift you’re looking for? That’s when you head to Wonders of the World in the Flour Mill. This eclectic curio shoppe has a little bit of everything, including exotic wall art, handmade jewelry, curated artifacts and sculpture. While you’re there, you can say hello to Annie, a 50,000-year-old cave bear skeleton, or Sherman, the life-sized replica of a T. rex skull. The sister shop across the hall also has a large selection of incense and aromatherapy products as well as beads for crafters.

Over at Entropy on the street level of the Parkade, the inventory is more geared toward the lover of music, comics and vintage finds. “We’ve got an incredible number of records to choose from, and they really do span the genres — from rock and pop to jazz, blues, hip-hop and country,” says manager Garrett Zanol. “We also have lots of pop culture smaller items. And don’t forget our art gallery upstairs.”

Entropy has also expanded to an additional 5,000-square-foot location called Re*Entropy (1403 W. 1st), where they feature retro items, clothing, furniture, household goods and more. That range of wares likely covers a lot of names on your shopping list. “Whether you’re at our Parkade location or our new location,” Zanol says, “when you shop at a store like ours, it helps support the community. The money you spend here pretty much stays right here in the local economy.”

Article and image compliments of: The Inlander