Originally used for deliveries, utilities, or as extra space for building basements, vaults located directly below many of downtown Spokane’s sidewalks have been getting a face lift this spring.

Sidewalks that span these vaults are comparable to small bridges, with many nearing one hundred years old and gradually deteriorating over time.

Sidewalk maintenance and repair is generally the responsibility of the owner of the adjacent property, but it’s not a cheap fix and replacing a structural sidewalk can be an extreme financial burden for the property owner. With these vaulted sidewalks posing a potential hazard to public safety, and with help from a federal grant, the City is stepping up to make sure these aging sidewalks are safe and more appealing for shoppers, tenants, employees, and other visitors to downtown Spokane.

This project designs and constructs pedestrian improvement in the downtown core consisting primarily of structural sidewalk repair/replacement. Replacement work this spring has focused on the following properties.

  • The Peyton building at 10 N Post
  • Carr Electric building at 919 E First
  • PM Jacoy at 402 W Sprague
  • City Ramp Parking Garage at 430 W First
  • Sushi.com at 430 W Main

The spring phase of construction on downtown vaults has been completed. There currently isn’t any scheduled vault work for the rest of the summer, though city crews continue to work on tree replacement, irrigation, grates and minor electrical install. Thank you to the City of Spokane for stepping up and creating safer pedestrian spaces.