If you own a business or property in the 80 square block region of the downtown Spokane Business Improvement District (BID), you are a member of an exclusive club actively investing in making downtown Spokane the center for commerce, culture, and living in the Intermountain Northwest. Funded by the City of Spokane, Ratepayer assessments (that’s you!), and private contributions, BID programs focus on making downtown a more desirable place for residents, businesses, shoppers, and visitors.

Over 1,200 businesses and properties make up BID membership and are represented by a Ratepayer Advisory Board (RAB). Comprised of a diverse array of business interests within the BID, each of the 19 board seats represents a different downtown contingency. The RAB determines how resources are spent to improve the economic capacity of downtown.

Now is your chance to help drive the next chapter of downtown’s story. Interested Ratepayers are encouraged to submit an application for the available seats on the RAB for terms beginning February 2021.

The following positions are available representing:

  • Zone 2
  • Zone 1
  • Professional 3 / Legal
  • Small Retail

Apply Now

Applications are due December 4, 2020.  Board members must be Business Improvement District Ratepayers in good standing.